Brent Savage

Chef Brent Savage grew up in a household where the kitchen was the centre of the home. When his sister became a chef, it seemed to the softly-spoken Chef Savage a good lead to follow. Opening the Bentley Restaurant & Bar in 2006, together with award-wining sommelier Nick Hildebrandt, Chef Savage created a reputation for creating modern, cutting edge food with a particular emphasis on contrast, using flavour and texture. The balance of Chef Savage's food is both exciting and innovative with a unique cooking style combining modern techniques and the diverse flavours of Australian produce.
Country: Sydney, Australia
Restaurant: Bentley Restaurant & Bar
Restaurant Type: Modern European
Hosted At: Tippling Club

Events Information
26 to 30 April 2011
Masterchef Brent Savage - Epicurean Delights

28 April 2011
Brent Savage Culinary Masterclass

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