Luisa Valazza

One of the few female chefs in the world to achieve three-Michelin-star, Chef Luisa Valazza is recognised as Italy’s leading female chef. Initially, she had wanted to study Italian literature at university and become a teacher, just like her parents. However, Chef Luisa’s career perception took a detour towards the kitchen when she met her husband, Angelo Valazza, owner of the international acclaimed restaurant Al Sorriso. Chef Luisa was self-taught in the kitchen, adapting recipes from cookbooks and her natural talent soon became apparent when she started creating her very own Italian gourmet cuisine – based on the finest, local Piedmontese ingredients.
Country: Piedmont, Italy
Restaurant: Al Sorriso
Restaurant Type: Italian
Hosted At: Gaia Ristorante & Bar

Events Information
6 May 2011
Culinary Experience At Miele: Up Close & Personal With Luisa Valazza

2 May 2011
Pio Cesare Wine Dinner Featuring Cuisine Of Luisa Valazza

3 to 7 May 2011
Masterchef Luisa Valazza - Epicurean Delights

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