Laurence Féraud

The inimitable Féraud family are true guardians of the most traditional style of Provence and several Rhone appellations is increasingly spearheaded by the charming and articulated daughter Laurence Féraud, who is the most prominent female winemaker of the appellation. With her sharp business acumen and her father, Paul Féraud’s vast experience and knowledge, the duo's dynamic force has allowed renowned Domaine du Pégaü to remain as one of the most majestic, old-style and robust Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It is without doubt that Laurence Féraud has led her estate to become one of the world's most famous wine producer.
Winery: Domaine du Pégaü

Hosted At: Ristorante Bologna, Marina Mandarin Singapore

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7 May 2011
Domaine du Pégaü Wine Dinner Featuring The Cuisine Of Norbert Niederkofler

7 May 2011
Domaine du Pégaü Wine Masterclass

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