Yim Jung Sik

Chef Yim Jung Sik began his culinary journey during his army days. His talent was recognised by the commanding officer and made Chef Yim his personal chef. He was inspired to cook professionally, eventually leading him to the renowned Culinary Institute of America, where he was introduced to the intricacies of fine Western cooking. Chef Yim took up internship opportunities in several New York much-admired restaurants to gain as much exposure as possible. Today, Chef Yim who always pursues something new has transformed friendly local ingredients into astonishing New Korean Cuisine. Whilst maintaining traditional Korean philosophy through food, the menus at Jung Sik Dang have evolved to encompass various modern cooking techniques.

World Gourmet Summit would like to thank Citibank Korea Inc for the tremendous support in making the participation of Chef Yim Jung Sik possible.

Country: Seoul, Korea
Restaurant: Jung Sik Dang
Restaurant Type: New Korean
Hosted At: My Humble House by TungLok Group

Events Information
4 May 2011
Yim Jung Sik Culinary Masterclass

3 to 7 May 2011
Masterchef Yim Jung Sik - Epicurean Delights

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