Dietmar Sawyere

Special Guest Chef
Internationally acclaimed and award winning chef, Dietmar Sawyere, has been a driving force behind the evolution of Australian restaurants and cuisine since arriving in Melbourne in late 1988. Swiss born Chef Sawyere comes from a family of restaurateurs and has been involved in preparing and cooking the highest quality of food since the tender age of 14. Having since worked at some of the world's most exclusive hotels and restaurants, Chef Sawyere has honed his skills in incorporating exotic flavours and ingredients into his menus. His innovation and expertise has been internationally recognised, garnering numerous awards.
Country: Sydney, Australia
Restaurant: Berowra Waters Inn
Restaurant Type: Modern French
Hosted At: Capella Singapore

Events Information
29 April 2011
Culinary Experience At Miele: Up Close & Personal With Dietmar Sawyere

30 April 2011
World Gourmet Summit 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner With Dietmar Sawyere

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