Rosio Sanchez

An up-and-coming pastry chef at the San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant 2010, Noma, Rosio Sanchez’s interest in baking began at home when she was a high school student. Having family and friends to indulge in her sophisticated and exquisite creations, spurred her to pursue baking professionally. Her passion for pastry art took her from Chicago to New York city, where she worked for three years, at the celebrated wd~50 restaurant, as Alex Stupak’s pastry sous chef. After a brief session of consultation work in Chicago, Chef Sanchez travelled and explored Europe's robust pastry scene. Chef Sanchez masterpieces will leave guests wanting more as she transforms simple ingredients into a work of art.
Country: Copenhagen, Denmark
Restaurant: Noma
Restaurant Type: Nordic
Hosted At: 2am:dessertbar

Events Information
7 May 2011
Janice Wong & Rosio Sanchez Pastry Masterclass

3 to 7 May 2011
Masterchef Rosio Sanchez - Epicurean Delights

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