Shinichiro Takagi

Japanese chef Shinichiro Takagi is owner and executive chef of Zeniya, located in his native city Kanazawa on Japan's western coast. A world-class cook with strong ties to his home region of Ishikawa, Chef Takagi uses fresh, local fish and ingredients to prepare mouthwatering, Kaiseki-inspired cuisine. After completing his bachelor's degree in commercial science at Nihon University, Chef Takagi began working at Kyoto Kitcho, one of the finest restaurants in Japan. Following this training, Chef Takagi moved back to his home city of Kanazawa, where after several years he became executive chef of Zeniya and eventually the restaurant's owner.

Chef Takagi continues to promote Zeniya and Kaga cuisine for a worldwide audience. As a master of Kaga cooking, Takagi is delighted to have opportunity to share his native cuisine with an international audience.
Country: Kanazawa, Japan
Restaurant: Zeniya
Restaurant Type: Japanese
Hosted At: Inagiku, Fairmont Singapore

Events Information
26 to 30 April 2011
Masterchef Shinichiro Takagi - Epicurean Delights

27 April 2011
Shinichiro Takagi Culinary Workshop

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