Janice Wong
Hosting Chef
Creative, innovative, detail oriented, risk taker and go-getter – the five most fitting description of Chef Janice Wong, the sole female chef of this year’s World Gourmet Summit. With an education from the world’s most prestigious culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu and a résumé that reads like the guide to the best of the culinary world (from wd~50 to Per Se and Alinea), Chef Wong is a vision of excellence and brilliance. Focusing on quality and bringing the best out of the ingredients that she used, all her dessert creations are to die for. An innovator in her own right, she aims to elevate the status of desserts to that of their savoury counterparts in top restaurants in Singapore and the world.
Restaurant: 2am:dessertbar
Restaurant Type: Modern European
Hosted At: 2am:dessertbar

Events Information
25 April 2011
Opening Reception

7 May 2011
Janice Wong & Rosio Sanchez Pastry Masterclass

3 to 7 May 2011
Masterchef Rosio Sanchez - Epicurean Delights

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