Vinod Rana
Rang Mahal
Hosting Chef
Sous Chef Vinod Rana has been with Rang Mahal Restaurants since early 2006. He previously garnered experience at the Holiday Inn Mumbai for more than a decade, overseeing the bakery and confectionery section alongside with the overall kitchen culinary operations. As a young and creative chef of 37 years old, he has played an instrumental role at Rang Mahal, raising the quality and food standards as well as contributing to the delectable dessert recipes and other signature dishes. His skilful knowledge of culinary and passion have made Rang Mahal at helm today, known for her authenticity and refined tastes for Indian cuisine and desserts.
Restaurant: Rang Mahal
Restaurant Type: Modern Indian
Hosted At: Rang Mahal

Events Information
25 April 2011
Opening Reception

26 April to 1 May 2011
Masterchef Manish Mehrotra - Epicurean Delights

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