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In the eyes of great wine lovers, Cos d'Estournel has become the archetype of a certain style of virile elegance in which power does not exclude either grace or mildness. Impressive in its youth by the intensity of its structure and the strength of its fruit, the wine of Cos evolves slowly to reach a wonderful melting quality and an aromatic complexity when it comes to complete maturity (between 10 to 30 years). The vines of Cos d'Estournel comes from the hill of Cos where the unique geological features and gentle climate allows the wine to develop such a unique and individualistic taste. Only the wines made from the vines over 20 years of age will bare the name of Château Cos d'Estournel.

Website: www.cosestournel.com

  Château Cos d'Estournel

Vintner: Géraldine Marquay

Geraldine Marquay was born in August 8th, 1974. Originally from the Perigord area. She was educated in Bordeaux. After a Master in English taken at the University of Bordeaux, she decided to move to England in order to take a postgraduate degree in education (PGCE). She worked as a teacher in Canterbury and London for 3 years and decided to go back to Bordeaux to start a completely new career in wine business. She graduated at the University of Oenology in Bordeaux in 2005. She started to work at Cos d'Estournel in 2002 where she is in charge of Public Relations and Communication.


Considered as one of the most "Médoc of Saint-Emilion", Figeac is distinguished by its aromas and delicateness, as well as its striking elegance combined with an extremely well-developed bouquet. Hence, in its youth Figeac tends to be not easily nor readily understood and this causes it to be under-rated with low wine-press scores. This has never influenced the deeply respected owner, Thierry Manoncourt who continues to make Figeac as he has always done - a great classic Saint-Emilion.

Website: www.chateau-figeac.com


Vintner: Eric d'Aramon

Director of Château Figeac, more affectionately known as 'Monsieur Figeac', Eric d’Aramon is at the same time vice president of the Grand Conseil des Vins de Bordeaux which is the body that is overseeing all the Commanderies de Bordeaux throughout the world, as well as president of the group of the First Growth of Saint-Emilion. This diplomat of University in Bordeaux in winemaking and tasting will certainly bring along a wealth of knowledge with him to the World Gourmet Summit 2006.

  Eric d'Aramon

Covering eleven hectares of the Pernand side of the great Corton hill, the historic, almost 200-year-old Domaine Bonneau du Martray devotes itself exclusively to the production of two greats; the great Corton-Charlemagne, its flagship wine, and the red Corton. The Corton-Charlemagne enjoys a fantastic reputation worldwide, possessing a quality that makes it one of the more under-priced among Burgundians. Its great complexity makes it a wine that can be enjoyed either young or aged.

Website: www.bonneaudumartray.com

  Domaine Bonneau du

Vintner: Jean Charles le Bault de la Morinère

An architect by training, Jean Charles le Bault de la Morinère with a heart to carry on the family business, immediately gave up his practice, enrolled himself at university to study oenology and returned to Domaine Bonneau Du Martray to take over and run what is one of the leading Domaine in Burgundy today. Sharp and thoughtful, the Corton Charlemagne and the domaine’s Grand Cru Corton Rouge are the perfect examples to demonstrate his success since he took over a decade ago.

  Jean Charles

This great Burgundian house now amongst the most important has been taken to even greater heights by its current owner Francois Faiveley. Every year, at the end of summer, over 200 hundred grape pickers work on the 200 hectares of vineyards of Faiveley, harvesting the grapes which would go through the extremely stringent selection process. Only the best would be used to produce the Faiveley wines, renowned for their wonder complexity, packing with the characteristic aromas and character that has earned it the widespread respect of all fine dining establishments in France.

Website: www.bourgognes-faiveley.com

  Domaine Joseph Faiveley

Vintner: Christophe Voisin

Armed with a degree in forestry from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1981, Christophe Voisin, has worked in established wineries like François Frères and Château de Pommard. Voison has an impressive 20 years of experience as an export director of Bourgognes Faiveley, which is one of the most respected and important properties as well as producers in Burgundy today. Having travelled almost all over the world promoting Faiveley wines and expanding the market, his knowledge from vines to wines is certainly nothing short of impressive.

  Christophe Voisin

Coming from a family with 200 years of tradition in winemaking, Domaine Michel Gros inherited part of his father's Domaine Jean Gros in 1995 and named it after himself. Domaine Michel Gros continues to maintain the high reputation of his father's estate. The wines of Domaine Michel Gros are known worldwide for their great purity and intensity of flavours. With age, the wines start to take on an extraordinary complexity with a bloom of fruitiness, seducing the senses with their floral flavours and smooth texture.

Website: www.domaine-michel-gros.com

  Domaine Michel Gros

Vintner: Georgia Tsouti

Georgia Tsouti arrived in Burgundy in 1992 to study Oenology at the Institue Jules Guyot in Dijon, after which she continued on International Wine Trade, studying at the Viticulture School of Beaune. It was there when she was assigned to Domaine Michel Gros as a trainee and worked for the vinification of the 1995 vintage. Michel Gros was so impressed with Tsouti, that he asked Tsouti to take over the role of his mother who was about to retire in 1997. Tsouti’s role at the Domaine Michel Gros was becoming so important, that she had to take up a management and business administration course at the Ecole Superieur de Commerce de Dijon in 2002. Now, Tsouti works with undying passion as a deputy manager and is responsible for exports, sales, administration and communication, continually pushing Domain Michel Gros to greater heights.

  Georgia Tsouti

One of the most admired and respected of the producers of Barolo, the amiable Luciano and his brother have since their first harvest in 1978 concentrated their attention entirely on their 22 hectares of vineyards to produce the Sandrone wines that have enjoyed such a reputation all over the world. Their winemaking process is very much characterised by attention to details and rationality, with incorporations of technology and innovation into a finely traditional process. The wines from Sandrone are always easy to appreciate in their youth, yet possessing plenty of qualities that make them perfectly good choices for aging.

Website: www.sandroneluciano.com

  Luciano Sandrone

Vintner: Luciano Sandrone

Ever since the first harvest in 1978 in Cannubi hill, Luciano and his brother Luca have given their full devotion to the vineyard, fully aware that only carefully selected grapes can be used to create a wine that can live up to the Sandrone name. Often labelled a modernist because he opts for shorter macerations, the using of new oak for aging and fermentation as well as shorter aging for his wines, Luciano Sandrone is in fact, very respectful of traditions. His use of modern technology serves to heighten the quality of his grapes and to bring out its flavours and bouquet to its finest for the connoisseurs.

  Luciano Sandrone




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