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Phuture® Foods is a food technology company that is on a mission to become the leading provider of plant-based meat alternatives in Asia. We strive to redefine the future of food by creating a variety of plant-based products to reinvent your dining experience. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the best food without compromising on great taste, the essential nutrients, or at the expense of the environment or animals.

Our vision is to tackle global issues affecting the planet through the development of plant-based products which are safer, cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable food options. We are committed to solving these issues by:

• Championing food sustainability by leveraging on greener food technologies
• Supporting environmental solutions for the benefit of the community
• Promoting the importance of cultivating a healthy lifestyle
• Better understanding the health and nutritional needs of the community
• Advocating for the humane treatment of animals

Phuture® Foods is a champion of environmental sustainability and we are committed to bringing environmentally friendly solutions to life for the benefit of our ecosystem. By leveraging on greener food technologies, we have made our plant-based production process kinder on the environment by cutting down on CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, improving water efficiency, and conserving more land. Thus, reducing the industry’s environmental impact.
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