Indoguna (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Indoguna Singapore Pte Ltd was established in Singapore since 1993 as a meat company importing the highest-quality chilled meat from all over the world, with affiliated companies in Dubai, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. Since then, Indoguna has expanded its product offerings to include other premium food products like seafood, fine food and an assortment of artisanal cheeses, chocolates and bakery products.
Building on the base of a fully-operational butchery, Carne Meats Raw provides customers with a range of value-added services like meat portioning and processing; as well as Ocean Gems to supply premium and exceptional seafood consistently to countries across Asia and the Middle East. In line with our belief of keeping at the forefront of gourmet food trends, Indoguna created online retail arm, to meet the growing demand that home consumers have for quality produce. In 2009, Indoguna introduced  Carne Meats  offering specialty meat products like sausages, air-dried line and quality cold cut range in authentic European style. Gourmeat was then created to offer the best in its economical class. Subsequently in 2015, Masterpiece, Indoguna’s house brand of dim sums and convenience foods was launched. Our most recent fruits and vegetables division, Greengrocer, offers sustainable way of supplying fresh fruits and vegetables in Singapore.
Indoguna Singapore believes in offering a diverse and exciting range of products sourced from all over the world, meeting and maintaining the highest quality standards for food products and offering prices that are competitive in the market place. Today, its market reach includes hotels, family style restaurants, , quick service restaurants, Michelin-starred restaurants, retailers, online grocers, cruise ship & airline caterers. The cuisines it serves is multicultural in this dynamic dining heaven in Singpaore.
2020 marks Indoguna’s 27th year of operations in Singapore, and looks forward to deepening our footprint and increasing growth in the food and beverage industry in the years ahead.  
Tel +65 6755 0330
Address 38 Senoko Dr, 34/36, Singapore 758221
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