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The World Gourmet Club is a worldwide Gourmet umbrella organisation.

WGS 2000 & FHA 2000
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The objectives of World Gourmet Summit is to establish Singapore as a "
Gourmet Capital of the East" and to promote the culinary art by appealing to both the interests of the trade and consumer
. World Gourmet Summit 2000, Singapore's foremost gastronomic event, will take place from
9 - 15 April 2000, in conjunction with Food and Hotel Asia 2000, Asia's largest hospitality event.

WGS will be in its fourth year, and continues its faithful endeavour to establish Asia as a global culinary destination. The theme for the year 2000 will be "The Best of the New Millennium", where internationally acclaimed chefs will be invited to promote the culinary craft, and world-class vintners and distinguished F&B professionals will participate in the various events.

World Gourmet Summit is held in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival. Hop on to their website now to know more!


Masterchef Safari
Embark on a unique journey to experience the cuisines of 4 guest masterchefs, matched with the wines of guest vintners, in one evening at different restaurants.

A great opportunity to pick up the finer points of cooking at the Masterclasses where guest chefs showcase their culinary specialties to paying students.

Masterchefs & Hosting Establishments
Guest masterchefs invited from all over the world will display their culinary talents. Find out who they are and where they are cooking.

Grand Finale Dinner
A spectacular night where all the guest chefs congregate to present to you an unforgettable feast matched with award winning wines from the guest vintners. Definitely a date to mark in your calendar.

World Gourmet Summit was also held in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Click here to
know what were the main events in WGS '97, '98. and '99

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