Bean Vermicelli Topped with Crabmeat and Crab Roe accompanied by Stir-Fried Fresh Milk

Serves : 1 Portions
By Chef Lam Sing Lun

400 gram : vermicelli mung bean, cooked
200 gram : crab roe, fresh
240 gram : crab meat, fresh cooked
360 gram : egg white, fresh
180 millilitre : milk, fresh
180 millilitre : cream whipping
10 gram : coriander leaves, fresh (Chinese parsley)

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    The Vermicelli
  • Braise the bean vermicelli with the chicken stock, then place on a plate. Use half of the crab roe and crabmeat to make the sauce and pour on top of bean vermicelli.

    The Crab Meat and Roe
  • Soak the rest of the crab roe in hot water, then drain off. Mix the egg white, fresh milk and whipping cream, the rest of crab roe and crabmeat and season with salt and sugar.
  • Stir-fry the milk mixture until required thickness.

  • Place the cooked mung bean vermicelli in the crab shells and pour the milk mixture in the middle. Decorate with Chinese parsley on top of the milk mixture. Serve immediately.

Video for the Recipe
Video and Audio for the Recipe

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