Tandoori Jheenga (Tandoori Prawns)

Serves : 4 Portions
By Mr Jiggs Kalra
Chef Raminder Malhotra
Chef Mohammed Ilyas

12 no : prawn jumbo, fresh
250 gram : butter for basting

The First Marination
100 millilitre : lemon juice, fresh 15 gram garlic paste
15 gram : ginger paste
1 gram : peppercorn powder white
To taste : salt

The Second Marination
130 gram : yoghurt cheese
90 millilitre : cream, fresh
60 gram : cheese cheddar
10 gram : ginger paste strained
10 gram : garlic paste strained
2 gram : ajwain
3 gram : peppercorn powder white
1/8 teaspoon : cardamon green powder
1/8 teaspoon : cinnamon powder
1/8 teaspoon : nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon : mace powder
To taste : salt

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    The Prawn
  • Shell, retain tails, de-vein, wash and pat dry.

    The First Marination
  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl, rub prawns with this marinade and reserve for 15 minutes. Squeeze prawns gently between palms to remove excess moisture. Keep chilled.

    The Second Marination
  • Grate cheese. Put yoghurt cheese in bowl, add remaining ingredients and whisk. Rub prawns with this marinade and refrigerate for an hour.

  • Skewer the prawns, keeping a tray underneath to collect the drippings, or arrange in a greased roasting tray. Roast in a moderately hot tandoor for 5 minutes(if grilled on a charcoal grill, about same time). Remove and hang the skewers to allow the excess moisture to drip off (appox. 2 minutes), baste with butter and roast again for 4 minutes (about the same time on char grill).
  • Remove from the skewer and serve with desired garnishes.

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