Smoked salmon and salmon tartare in crispy tomatoes

Serves : 1 Portions
By Chef Frank Zlomke

The Crispy Potatoes
100 gram : potato, whole
100 millilitre : oil olive
To taste : salt and freshly ground peppercorn

The Salmon Tartare
50 gram : salmon trout fillet, fresh
1 tablespoon : onion, fresh, diced
1 tablespoon : coriander leave, fresh (Chinese parsley), chopped
1 tablespoon : dill, fresh, chopped
2 tablespoon : oil olive extra virgin
To taste : salt and peppercorn white, freshly ground
no : lemon whole, fresh, squeeze for juice
3 slice : salmon smoked

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    The Potato
  • Wash potatoes, peel and cut into thin slices and then in thin strips. Heat olive oil it non-stick pan and fry a thin layer the striped potatoes till both sides are crispy and seasoned.

    The Salmon Tartare
  • Cut the salmon trout into fine cubes and mix together with other ingredients. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

  • Place the potato rosti on kitchen paper in the pan. Place the sliced smoked salmon on top of the potatoes and then the salmon tartare. Place the pan for a short while on the stove and roll it gently together. Serve with seasonal salad leaves.

Video for the Recipe
Video and Audio for the Recipe

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