Loin of Lamb Wrapped in Tomato Crepe Accompanied by Vegetable Alicienne

Serves : 4 Portions
By Chef Frank Zlomke

180 gram : lamb loin, chilled
To taste : salt and peppercorn black, freshly ground
10 millilitre : oil olive

The Herb Mide Pain
100 gram : bread crumb
1 sprig : parsley, fresh, chopped, mix together
1 sprig : chervil, fresh
1 sprig : thyme, fresh

The Tomato Crepe
50 millilitre : milk
50 gram : flour sieved
50 millilitre : tomato juice, fresh
1 no : egg yolk, fresh
2 no : tomato, sun-dried chopped
1 pinch : tomato powder
To taste : salt and peppercorn white freshly ground

The Filling
20 gram : marrow, fresh cubed
20 gram : aubergine, fresh cubed
20 gram : tomato, fresh peeled, seeded, cubed
10 gram : chicken mousse
10 millilitre : oil olive
1 sprig : rosemary, fresh chopped
1 sprig : thyme, fresh chopped
To taste : salt and peppercorn black freshly ground

The Vegetable Alicienne
1 no : aubergine, fresh, thinly sliced
1 no : marrow, fresh, thinly sliced
1 no : tomato, fresh, thinly sliced
10 millilitre : oil garlic
1 sprig : rosemary, fresh, chopped
1 sprig : thyme, fresh, chopped
To taste : salt and peppercorn black freshly ground
10 millilitre : oil olive

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    The Mide Pain
  • Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Reserve.

    The Crepe
  • Mix all the ingredients together. Pre-heat a non-stick pan (brushed with butter). Pour a layer of mixture in a heated non-stick pan and cook it. Place aside.

    The Filling
  • Pan-fry the marrow and aubergine shortly in olive oil and add chopped herbs. Place in a bowl and add tomatoes and chicken mousse. Mix gently together and season with salt and pepper. Put aside.

    The Vegetables Alicienne
  • Sauté the sliced aubergine and marrow separately in olive oil for a few seconds. Put on kitchen towel. Place the vegetables, half overlapping on each other until you have a complete circle. Start with tomato then marrow and then aubergine and tomato again. Continue in that circle. Season the roundel with salt, pepper, garlic oil and chopped herbs.

    The Lamb
  • Season the lamb loin with salt and pepper. Seal in a pan of hot olive oil on all sides.

  • Take the tomato crepe and spread a layer of fillings on top. Place the loin of lamb in the middle of the crepe and roll gently together. Sprinkle the herb mide pain over the crepe and place in a pre-heated oven of 200șC for about 7-8 minutes. Take it out and let it rest for 2-3 minutes. Place the vegetable alicienne in the oven for 1-2 minutes, remove and place carefully with pallette knife in the middle of the plate. Cut the lamb in three equal slices and place around the vegetable alicienne. Serve with a lamb jus.

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