HOBART is global market leader in commercial warewashing and is part of the internationally successful group of companies Illinois Tool Works (ITW) with more than 20 companies in Germany and more than 800 enterprises in 56 countries around the globe.
This vision is our continuous incentive to walk new paths in order to constantly reduce the water, energy and chemical consumption. We continue pursuing this goal with innovative high-end engineering. Whenever the first machine will be capable of washing dishes without water – it will be a HOBART.
“Made in Germany“ is and has been for a long time a mark of quality and reliability in the premium quality segment. HOBART has been awarded international design awards and prizes in innovation and environmental engineering.
At our manufacturing plant in Offenburg, Germany, HOBART develops, produces, and distributes warewashing technology
worldwide. All over the world, the hotel and catering trade, cafeterias, bakeries and butcher shops, supermarkets, airlines and cruise ships swear by our innovative products, which are considered to be economical and ecological market leaders.

Hobart International (S) Pte Ltd
158, Kallang Way, #06-03/05
Singapore 349245
Tel +65 6846 7117
Fax +65 6846 0991

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