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       Bring you “WOW” the Selected World of Wines that makes
    ¨ Every meal “An Occasion” ¨ Every Table “A Surprise” ¨
        ¨Every Day “A New Discovery” ¨
Winemaking is an intricate art!
Every wine is unique & different! Every wine has its own character and appealing factor that makes everyone appreciate and enjoy the same wine in different way…
This is what inspires us to select the ‘WOW’ World of Wines to surprise you!
Every stage – from the vineyard to harvesting, painstakingly selecting very specific grapes from the fermentation to the bottle maturation, many elements can affect the expression, consistency, and style of each bottle of WINE.  Even the slightest variation can change the elegant balance of the flavours.
Because of this, choosing the right bottle can be challenging. And well, this is why we are here. 
“WOW”…. How do we do it?
Strongly backed with more than 3 decades of wine experience & wine knowledge, our French wine specialist & Wine Director has successfully established a unique wine repertoire from the phenomenal diversity of WORLD OF WINES- “WOW”!
Asia Wine Network-being the prominent wine importer and distributor in Singapore since 1995, we are extremely selective…because of you!
In fact, we import wines from the best rated Wine producing regions in the World.
We constantly source for wines with a deeply embedded tale of character and unique personality, providing us with constant surprise and discoveries to entertain and redefine your wine passion…
This is also why: 
We are proud to be the selected “Wine Partner regularly involved & participate in various local, regional & international “lifestyle” wine events, wine fairs, culinary and gourmet festivals pairing with our special selected awarded wines at national and international competitions.
With our deep understanding of the local and regional palates and requirements, we make it a point to source and import bottles directly from the acclaimed wineries, such allow us to control the costs, help to generate more savings with comfortable margin that benefit you too!
We help you to understand the nuanced differences between wines. From the cultural contexts laced into each brand’s winemaking practices to why specific wines make more sense for specific occasions
Indeed AWN devotes our personal care & attention to all our customers. Together with our customized service with specific guidance and distribution service our valued F&B partners can focus on their business ventures and expand their sales;
yielding better results with improved margins.
We pride ourselves on delivering a range of bespoke services to all our customers:
F&B, Private, Corporate,  Institutions
So let us be your wine partner in your Wine Journey!
Tel +65 6533 2646
Address 44 North Canal Road, (S)059300
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