Herdade do Rocim

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Herdade do Rocim is mainly the result of a desire and a dream. God wishes, Man dreams, the Work is born is Fernando Pessoa´s poetic expression which best helps us to understand the circumstances in which the idea arose and the work has been created. This is the path we wish to take. The fragility of our human condition enables us to dare to believe that, to really achieve the current reality known as Herdade do Rocim, we were inspired by a certain God and driven by a certain dream. Herdade do Rocim is an estate located between Vidigueira and Cuba, in the Lower Alentejo, with a size of 120 hectares, 70 of which are vineyards and 10 olive trees.

Winery Profile

Between Vidigueira and Cuba, in Baixo Alentejo, Herdade do Rocim has around 70 hectares of vines, 53 of which are red varieties, and the remaining 17 are white varieties. Characterised by its clay and sandy soils, at Herdade do Rocim, the criteria are aimed at producing high-quality grapes.

The Rocim Winery, a structural element of the project, combines wine production with the aesthetic quality of its architecture, functioning as a marketing and promotional element, qualifying the region, currently launching new projects with the expansion of the business to other winegrowing areas.

More recently Herdade do Rocim has been a mainstream force to create an international movement to recuperate and showcase the tradition of wines fermented and aged in clay amphoras, organising the biggest event for this wines in Portugal. Also they are venturing outside of the comfort zone of Alentejo and exploring other regions as Azores.


Herdade do Rocim White 2018
Herdade do Rocim Alvarinho White 2018
Herdade do Rocim Fresh from Anfora Red 2019
Herdade do Rocim Alicante Bouschet Red 2018
Mouchao Dessert Tonel Aged 2013 (dessert)

Presence from the winery: David Rego