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A few years ago, Raudaschl tried living the flexitarian lifestyle that her son advocates, and found she had more energy and focus. As the world around her also embraced the concept of plant-based alternatives to meat-based cuisine, she was inspired … and thus ARLENE was born.

Headquartered in a 60,000 square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dubai, the ARLENE global kitchen produces a full lineup of international delicacies, all fully Halal-certified. Designed to provide wholesome, nourishing, and great-tasting alternatives to products currently on the market, ARLENE's eclectic lineup of innovative meals is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and cruelty free.

The ARLENE line offers everything from kebabs, dumplings, spring rolls, falafel to dim sum and ready meals replicating the meat-based favorites of many people globally, but on a plant-based platform. Meticulously crafted for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians alike, ARLENE features a broad selection of meal solutions, all being ultimately focused on taste.

Today's public is not only more open to, but intentionally seeks out, a diverse selection of authentic international flavors. Discerning consumers care about ingredients and the taste of their meals while avoiding having to sacrifice taste over being healthy. Delivering these delicious plant-based convenience foods from a global kitchen with great chefs behind the taste and choice of ingredients is at the heart of ARLENE.

From conserving water to protecting habitats to reducing carbon, ARLENE'S practices are designed to have a positive impact on the environment today. While plant-based foods and fresh foods have many health benefits, they can also be kinder to the environment. ARLENE works hard to inspire people to be part of a global community ready to be better to themselves and to share ideas and action for a more sustainable future for everyone.

ARLENE is available in foodservice and retail formats. She will be first launched in Singapore exclusively at Cold Storage retail and online outlets. The products crafted for the consumer market will be packaged and distributed globally at accessible retail price points that are wholly consistent with other popular brands presently on the market.

In Singapore, ARLENE launches in May 2021 with consumer products exclusively available at Cold Storage retail and online outlets. Green Common Singapore will be featuring ARLENE on their menu from May 2021.
Address 38 Senoko Drive, singapore, 758221, SG
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