The FAEMA brand which takes part of Gruppo Cimbali, a world leader in the design and manufacture ofprofessional machines, was born in 1945 in Milan. Since then, the prominent Italian name has broughtpassion, art, tradition, quality and coffee culture into the world of the barman and fellow coffee lover.

FAEMA made history in the 1960s by launching the FAEMA E61, the first machine to use a volumetricpump to give the water the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and keep the pressure constant during thewhole extraction process, unlike lever machines.With the introduction of the FAEMA E61, the brand became recognized as a brand that merged thelatest revolutionary technical solutions with the best in innovative design.

The design and structure of FAEMA machines gained further recognition and appreciation thanks to oneof the most iconic Italian designers, Giorgetto Giugiaro, whose artistic talent contributed to creating theFAEMA E91, the FAEMA Emblema, and the acclaimed FAEMA E71, winner of many prestigiousawards like the Innovation of the Year Barawards as “Best Interpreter of Coffee Artists” and the GoodDesign, the oldest award for design excellence worldwide.

The brand has most recently introduced the new FAEMA E71E, loyal to tradition but welcomingtechnological advances in order to fulfill all the needs of the current coffee sector.The passion for coffee led the Cimbali Group to open the MUMAC, a museum where professionals andenthusiasts can find one of the biggest collections of documents on coffee in the world alongsidehundreds of espresso machines divided by era.

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