Michelle Adrillana
Michelle Adrillana
Michelle Adrillana
F & B Consultant. Entrepreneur. Caterer. Filipino Cuisine Advocate

With influences from the Spaniards, Chinese, Malay, Americans, and other countries due to colonization and barter trade, they say we are having identity problems.

Such is not the case! From 7,107 to 7,641 islands up to date and still counting, an archipelagic country such as ours is diverse with every single region boasting of its own indigenous products, we have yet to discover each time we move from one place to another.

As the world argues on who vies for the best cuisine, Filipino cuisine has already been left out. With its neighbouring countries championing their cuisines all over the globe, the Philippines deserves a seat at the global culinary cuisine too.

Why Filipino food? Why not?! Notice how Filipinos are all over the world? At the hospitals, in the hospitality, behind the computers, even in foreign households. We are at the heart of the world. Filipino food is not the next big thing - it is food that’s good for your soul - and we are here to stay.
Country Philippines
Designation F & B Consultant. Entrepreneur. Caterer. Filipino Cuisine Advocate
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