Lee Boon Seng
Lee Boon Seng
As a boy of 17 in the kitchen of Equinox watching culinary virtuosity in action, Lee found his calling. He stayed for eight years at this - his first job, rising from trainee to Chef de Partie with a promotion seemingly every year.

He went on to notch an impressive resume, including tenures at Osia (2010 - 2016) and Curate (2016 - 2017). His talent and diligence was recognised within and outside of the industry: he was honoured with multiple accolades including Rising Chef of the Year at the World Gourmet Summit of 2013, and the Overall Champion during the semi-finals of Global Chefs Challenge organised by the Paris-based World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS).

He also earned the opportunity of hosting and working with numerous culinary veterans and masters, some Michelin-starred – such as Massimiliano Alajmo of the three-starred Le Calandre in Padua, Italy; Guy Martin of the three-starred Le Grand Véfour in Paris, France; and Esben Holmboe Bang of the three-starred Maaemo in Oslo, Norway.

In the process, he learned the need for precision and open-mindedness, and the importance of fresh, premium (not necessarily expensive) ingredients. Most importantly, he found his own ‘voice’ – and believed in it.

The food of The Spot is therefore highly individualistic. The starting point is usually an ingredient that excites Chef Lee with the drive to introduce its beauty to the world, which then requires him to find ways to ‘elevate’ the flavours. He found this route through sauces, employing the European techniques of his training in tandem with the South East Asian fruits, herbs and spices of his cultural heritage, and childhood memories. The amazing sauces that result not only ignite his dishes but have come to represent perhaps his most personal and accomplished creations – something he is proud to be known for.

This “saucier at heart” is ready to set forth on an exciting culinary journey to create his own, unique style at The Spot.
Country Singapore
Hosting Establishment The Spot