Andy Kueh
Andy Kueh

Andy Kueh, currently the Executive Chef and General Manager of elemen Restaurants with dining concept which focuses on a modern interpretation of natural and meatless cuisine.

Chef Andy have multiple collaborations with Italian Chefs such as Chef Simone Ricci and Chef Giovanni Tucci for elemen’s special menu, Truffle-Licious. Every Four-Hands collaborations provide invaluable opportunities to learn and broaden his culinary horizon. Chef Andy never fails to curate new and creative dishes to provide an enhanced meatless dining experience.

Throughout the years, he has appeared and represent elemen in various platform such as news articles, social media platforms and interviews. Chef Andy had also been invited to be a speaker in the “Singapore Society” Series Seminar in 2016.

Always sourcing for new and natural ingredients to integrate with other popular ingredients such as Quinoa, Olive Oil, Truffles and Maca, he aims to enlighten more consumers that meatless recipes can be unique and delicious without using the traditional mock meat.

Led by Chef Andy, the team at elemen prepare every dish with an element of love and respect. Chef Andy and team are always spending countless hours on researching and exploring different ingredients and recipes to meet their own demanding expectations.


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