Giovanni Mannino & Kenneth Oh
Giovanni Mannino & Kenneth Oh

Chef Giovanni Mannino

Sicilian Chef-owner from a multi-generational family with a history in Sicilian/Italian cuisine, farming and agriculture. His father was a painter and Art Gallery owner in major Italian cities like Rome and Firenze. Growing up in the Sicilian village of Trapani, his early years of life was surrounded by artists and fishermen. He developed a strong passion for people, art and seafood.


Among his life journey around the world, he has never lost his love for his roots in Sicily. Growing up among farming and agriculture environments lead his curiosity for understanding the source of his ingredients. He travels around the globe gave him the opportunity to build a network with sustainable fisheries. He actively brings in seafood from Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. He ensures that the fisheries fit the MSC Fisheries Standard, a well-respected American standard that certifies that fisheries are well-managed and sustainable, or that they have been certified by Friends of the Sea.


Chef Giovanni loves social media and uses it actively to share snippets of his life — his inspiration and producers he meets — but he remains a traditionalist very much when it comes to cooking. Flavour always comes first,” he says. He has also been invited to share his style of Sicilian cuisine in Japan and numerous festivals in Singapore and abroad. He also actively involved with the Diplomatic Dinner scene in Singapore where he prepares his delicious food for Presidents, ambassadors and delegates.


Giovanni's daily motto is Be the best that you are and act as if what you do makes a difference.” He drives the team to create meaningful synergies among each other and with our guests. 


Chef Kenneth Oh Jun Meng

When he was young, Chef Kenneths diet consisted of mainly food programmes and travel documentaries. He was also the grandchild who would always follow his grandmother to the market every morning, where he picked up knowledge of different ingredients. When he read No reservations, by Anthony Bourdain, he knew he wanted to be in the thick of the restaurant kitchen action and helm a kitchen of his own.


His first formal training at DCT University Center in Switzerland was in pastry studies, which he continued on culinary studies. After graduating and working in Switzerland for a few years, Chef Kenneth decided to return and find a job in Singapore in 2011, where he felt that the food scene was gaining international recognition. He joined as Gattopardo's opening team in 2011. When Giovanni joined the Gattopardo team in 2014, the duo gelled like oil and fire. Together they fuel the new Gattopardo team taking the passion for seafood and cooking, turning Gattopardo's guests to advocates one plate at a time. In 2016, Kenneth was voted Talk of The Town” at the SAVOUR Live Your Dream competition.


During his free time, Chef Kenneth enjoys prawning, traveling and trying new dishes, even if it means queuing up for hours.

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