Our Services

Our team of creative event experts provides bespoke experiences for our clients and our own brands—from intimate gourmet wine dinners to large-scale events such as the World Gourmet Summit.

For more information, contact: events@wgs.sg


As a media platform, we are embracing the digital age and charging fully ahead. Offering full-service digital design and development, our team specialises in creating effective and engaging digital content experiences across all platforms that connect audiences to brands in a closer, personal way.


Print remains a powerful and compelling platform for brands. Our award-winning editorial and creative team works together to produce print publication, cookbooks, coffeetable and other print collaterals of the highest quality; the content is carefully crafted to inspire, engage and connect.

Account Management

We are proud of our close relationships with leading brands in Asia and around the world and have delivered exceptional revenue growth to brands.

For more information, contact: events@wgs.sg