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World Gourmet Summit 1997
                    GENERAL OVERVIEW

The objectives of the Summit aims to satisfy both the interests of the trade and the consumer. In the former, the WCS will provide leading chefs/restaurant owners of the world a meeting place to share new innovations and new trends in cooking and ideas on enhancing the dining experience. With respect to latter, the Summit will give consumers, both gourmands and novices, a chance to taste the finest sampling of dishes from around the world at one location... Singapore. In essence, the WGS will help establish Singapore as a leading "Food Destination" of the world.

During their stay in Singapore, each guest chef will be hosted by a selected hotel or restaurant.

WGS logo At each of these hotels or the respective hosting restaurant, the guest chef will work with that operations food & beverage director and executive chef to offer a special WGS menu for patrons from 24 July to 29 July 1997.

The menus on offer will reflect the unique style for which each of the master chef's have earned their fame. The strong culinary heritage of each country, represented by these chefs' will also play an important role in showcasing products, which are simply tantalising to the even most discerning taste bud.

This activity, which will bring together for the first time twelve distinctive professionals from five continents and held across the island, will give the ability to choose.

To be held at Tourism Court, the auditorium will be transformed into a cooking studio. Two guest chefs per day will be showcasing their specialties for paying "students ".

The classes will begin at 10.00 am and last till 12.00 noon, with each chef conducting a 1-1/2 hours' session.

We are providing full media coverage and also will produce a set of videos.

Narratives to these demos will be provided, it is also intended to give the participants the opportunity for question & answer sessions.

The class will end off with a tea reception where "students" will get a chance to meet the guest chefs in person.

Apart from the Gourmet Safaris that will run through the month of July in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival, three special Master Chef Safaris will be organised during the last week of July.

The safari will take its diners to 4 restaurants during the course of one night, eating a different course of the meal at restaurants. These WGS Safaris will feature the specially-invited guest chefs.

This popular activity will give diners the opportunity to sample dishes from various chefs during the course of one evening. The four locations for each of the safaris will be matched based on type of cuisine, chefs involved and location of outlet. As in last year's safari, Peter Knipp will lead the diners through this gastronomic tour and offer the opportunity to interact and provide on-hand assistance in the area of culinary background knowledge.

The diners will also be able to meet the chefs, right after each course is completed. prior to departing for the next destination.

A specially designed and autographed menu will be given to each diner upon conclusion of the evening.

Admission by invitation only, this forum will see the guest chefs sharing ideas and forecasting trends in the culinary world.

This event will take place on the 30th of July as an afternoon session and will be a high profile media event.

The main focus of the discussion will be to predict and establish the trend of NEW ASIA CUISINE, which will be the main topic of the forum and give tangible substance to the WGS's effort to substantiate New Asia Cuisine in the region and around the globe.

The host and leader of the forum will be an internationally recognised food expert and media personality who will be assisted by representatives from around the world and experts from Singapore.

The forum will see welcome address by the chief executive of STPB, followed by the presentation of two selected speakers who will share their views on general trends and the definition of New Asia which will then be followed by a round table discussion with the opportunity for the audience to participate by providing their input at the subsequent open forum.

Well-known food critics, journalists and food personalities, both international and local, will also be invited to give their input, participation.

The audience will comprise mainly of hotel general managers and regional directors, F&B directors and managers, hotel executive chefs and sous chefs, representatives from the airline industry, restaurant owners, food critics and writers, travel agents, and members from the relevant gourmet societies.

To be held on 31 July 1997, this Gala Dinner is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be wined and dined by some of the best chefs in the world at one seating.

The selected venue will offer this extraordinary experience as a sit-down dinner preceded by a Gourmet Cocktail.

The event will feature all twelve visiting chefs during one evening at one location.

The menu will be divided into two parts: The Gourmet Cocktail and the Sit Down Gala.

The Gourmet Cocktail will offer "live preparation stations" where some of the guest chefs are able to "peform" their culinary works of art in front of the diners and have the opportunity to interact with the guests. Representatives of the Singapore chefs' circle will also be participating in this event.

The Sit Down Gala will feature a six course dinner, with each course prepared by a different visiting chef. Being the official closing event of the Singapore Food Festival it will be the night where all gourmets and leading personalities of Singapore's society congregate.

For more information, please call the Singapore Food Festival Secretariat at 3231996 or fax them at 323 0821/3.


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