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Bar-Roque Grill                                                   PARTNER RESTAURANTS

               With a menu powered by Chef Stephane Istel’s memories in France,
               Bar-Roque  Grill  is  a  reflection  of  his  home  region  of  Alsace  and  his
                                               culinary inspirations.

               At Bar-Roque Grill, celebrate the artisanal craft, with menu items such as the
               ever popular charcuterie, rillettes and terrines made from scratch in-house.
               Their pride and joy stems from a customised chiller for an exclusive meat aging
               programme, a dream of Chef Istel’s for many years that was transformed into
               reality after his immersion with butchers in Paris and Strasbourg to learn the
                                          finer art of dry aging meats.

                                                           165 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-00,
                                                           Singapore 088539

                                                           Tel: (65) 6836 3688

                                                                                                     WGS MEnU
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