Embassy of Greece in Singapore
  • Official Destination Partner
Greece is renowned for its wonderful rugged landscape, its untouched gems, its endless coastlines, and its 6,000 islands and islets, famous all over the world, due to their unparalleled beauty.

From 14 million international visitors in 2004, this number has grown to more than 19 million visitors in 2009, and it is expected that in a few years this number will reach 20 million, almost twice the country’s population.

Beyond sea and sun, tourism forms an essential part of Greece’s identity, present and future.

Traditional Greek cuisine… a total based on the pure products from Greek Mother Nature to form a balanced nutritional model that can ensure a better quality of life and physical health. Products with unique quality and unsurpassable nutritional value, such as the olive and extra virgin oil, dairy products, honey, ouzo, fish, juices, water, nuts, wines, mastic from Chios, crocus from Kozani and many more. These have blended together and created a noble cuisine rich in nutritional ingredients, which can satisfy the high gustatory and nutritional needs of modern man.
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