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World Gourmet Summit enters into its fifth year with the focus on "The Rising Stars of the Century" to mark the beginning of a new gourmet adventure in the 21st century.

Jointly organised by Singapore Tourism Board and Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd, this epicurean adventure will begin from 22 April - 27 April 2001.

World Gourmet Summit was conceptualized with the aim to promote the culinary arts through a global approach, entailing the creation of a macro-gastronomic event in Singapore that appeals to both trade and the consumer.

Internationally-acclaimed chefs are invited to promote their culinary craft in our local environment. In a series of events held over a week, world-class vintners and other distinguished food and beverage related professionals add a new dimension to the Summit in its entirety. This provides active interaction in the culinary field with the exchange of tips and ideologies benefiting all parties - regional chefs and invited chefs from the international scene, restauranteurs, food and beverage professionals.
  Reflecting this year's theme, this world-class gastronomic event will bring together rising star chefs from around the world such as USA, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and Hong Kong to display their culinary talents.

Apart from evergreen programmes such as Culinary Masterclasses, Masterchef Safaris and WGS International Food & Beverage Forum, a string of new activities have been planned to enhance the event, making it more attractive for gourmets across all levels of society.

Alongside these star chefs are prestigious wineries from France, Germany, Australia, Austria, South Africa, USA and Italy. Wine lovers will be thrilled to know that the Grand Jury Européen Tasting will be part of the exciting programmes in line for WGS 2001.

WGS Awards of Excellence Presentation, 22 April 2001

This evening marks the inaugural event --- World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence that celebrates the spectrum of talents found within Singapore's F&B and hospitality industries. These awards, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, will have categories such as "Best Chef of the Year", "Best Rising Chef", "Best Wine Sommelier", "Best Restaurant" and so on. More ...

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  Culinary Masterclasses, 23 - 26 April 2001

A great opportunity to get up-close with our culinary maestros! Watch how our guest chefs whip up a storm, pick up the finer points of cooking and learn the secrets of the trade. More ...

  Masterchef Safaris, 23 - 25 April 2001

One of the most popular events in World Gourmet Summit saw a new twist this time round. A theme had been incorporated for each Safari where diners embarked on a unique gastronomic odyssey that took them to different restaurants. More ...


  Grand Jury Européen Professional Wine Tasting, 25 - 26 April 2001

Wine lovers behold! One of the most prestigious wine organisations, the Grand Jury Européen conducted an exclusive wine tasting at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore in conjunction with the World Gourmet Summit 2001. Held over two days with a total of four sessions the tasting were based on the unprecedented showing of the celebrated wines of the 1998 Bordeaux vintages of its five growths.



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